25 Ultra-Modern Ways to “Green” the Way You Do Business

Even if you’re not a tree hugger, it can’t hurt to help reduce your impact on ole Mother Earth. Following are innovative ways to stage virtual trade shows, increase business productivity, share information with members in your business, while saving you time, money and the planet in the process.Online Meeting Options* Webinars (online seminars) – inform, educate and share information with whomever you choose!* Online presentations – upload your Powerpoint slides and select who you want to see it* Meeting Planning Solutions – plan and manage events, lower expenses, meeting buyers, meeting suppliers* Event Messaging Systems – for meetings, events, trade shows and conferences for 50-50,000 attendees used before, during and after the event.Information Sharing/Communication* Whitepapers – publish your authoritative report or guide that educates others on a specific issue and how to solve it.* Video Presentation/Posting – welcome to YouTube where you can post videos available only to specific people or the world.* Electronic Fax Service – send faxes from your computer and receive them at multiple email addresses. Delivered to your inbox via pdf or tiff format.* Podcasting to share audio of meetings/conferences – publish on iTunes and people can download and listen on their computer, iPod or iPhone.* Video Conferencing – we never thought the “Jetsons” video calls from the boss could happen, but alas! Up to 9 way video conference.* Online forms using Adobe Acrobat Pro allows visitors to fill out forms online and email it to you once completed. Even allows for digital signatures.Convenience* Paperless registration and confirmation – The Web’s most comprehensive site about meeting planning and events technology.* Electronic Travel and Ticketing – book travel online, generate automated expense reports and monitor employee spending.* Online Project Management – share files, meet deadlines, assign tasks, centralize feedback and help projects run smoothly.* Digital signatures and Electronic Contracts – eliminate the need for expensive overnight charges of important documents or faxing and using paper.* Electronic Appt Scheduling – interactive online conference catalog and session scheduler application.* Accounting – utilizing direct deposit, online bill pay, etc using Quickbooks* PayPal – Send and receive payments electronically, email invoices, and take credit cards over the phone all while reducing check fraud, checks lost in the mail, bounced checks, mailing invoices, etc.Marketing* Advertise online instead of in the printed version. You can also measure your ROI by seeing exactly how much traffic that ad is bringing instead of wondering if anyone saw your print ad.* eNewsletters – reduce printing, paper and mailing by sending out eNewsletters* Phone, web or Twitter based audience response, q&a – think of American Idol’s success with it! Gather live responses for any venue: conferences, presentation, classrooms, print, TV and more.* Online Surveys/Polling – signup through Constant Contact* Social Media Integration through Social Networking, Bookmarking, etc* Annual Reports, Company Catalogs – have them designed and converted to PDF to post on your website for download instead of having them printed.eCommerce Tools* Electronic Auctions – dedicated to fund raising success* eCommerce website development – get your business on the web and start selling ebooks, audio files, products, services – you name it – it can be sold on the net!